Endura – FS260-Pro Multitube Review

Endura - FS260-Pro Multitube

What they say: Versatile printed tube, fast wicking to draw away sweat. Wear as neck tube, mask, bandana, skullcap etc. Snug fitting for wearing under helmet.

What we say: We were impressed with how easy this one was to move around the head and neck with one hand, allowing for easy positioning and repositioning on the bike.

Consisting of one continuously woven piece of polyester, it’s thin and stretchy enough to be worn under the helmet as a makeshift balaclava, while providing a decent level of protection against the cold for your neck, ears, cheeks, lungs etc.

While the material is reasonably fast wicking, its softness and the garment’s seamless construction ensures this is a pleasure to wear.

Verdict 7/10

Thin, silky and versatile, this is among the most comfortable and keenly priced on test!

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