Felt FR2W Disc Bike Review

Felt FR2W Disc Bike

The FR2W disc is for women who race, or who approach every ride like there’s a finish line at the end. Despite its low weight, the FR2 feels sturdy underneath as you wind up to contest a sprint, or bounce on the pedals while muscling up a steep grade. With a short head tube and steep seat tube, the FR2 forces you into a go-fast position.

This disc-equipped version of the FR2 comes with an internally routed Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic-shifting drivetrain and remarkably good Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes. Shifts come lickety split, and the group, which is one of the best out there, makes this bike a strong value.

With an 11-28t cassette, you get the gears you need for punchy rides and races. But on a 90-mile group ride with soaring climbs, I wished for a lower gear. Although the bike is responsive and low weight, I rarely sensed that pop of acceleration that you get with some others. But once at cruising speed, it carried my momentum and ramped up well from there.

The stiff carbon frame did a nice job absorbing road chatter. And the FR2 never felt dull. It was fast and energetic—exactly like a good race bike should be.

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