Gore Windstopper Headband Review

Gore Windstopper Headband

What they say: GORE WINDSTOPPER fabric adds a layer of protection on the forehead to prevent wind chill.

What we say: This is a pretty simple-looking garment- essentially a hoop of material, sewn together with barely noticeable flatlock stitching and a reflective logo printed on the front. But then again, there’s nothing simple about the material used.

It’s Gore’s rightly lauded Windstopper fabric, which has been battle tested on more items of cycling clothing than we can actually count (once we get past the number of fingers we own, it’s a struggle). As such, it is totally windproof, extremely breathable and water repellent – all while being comfortable and lightweight. All that comes at quite a high price, though. However, if you’ve ever bought a Gore product before, you’ll know that you most definitely get what you pay for.


It is a bit expensive, but that’s the price of swaddling your bonce in world-class performance fabric.

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