Hammerdown Chamois Cream Review

Multiple boxes of Hammerdown Chamois Cream

What they say: Specially formulated to reduce friction, saddle sores and general discomfort. Provides a long- lasting barrier to enhance your performance.

What we say: Coming in two, erm, flavors ‘Sensitive’ and ‘Iceblast’, the first thing you notice about both these products is just how good they smell when you take the lid off. You’re hit with a distinct whiff reminiscent of coconut ice cream.

Which is apt really, because when you slather some of the cooling ‘Iceblast’ cream ‘down there’ it can leave you tingling like you’ve been felt up by a snowman. In terms of consistency, it’s probably more accurate to describe both products as ointments than creams.

Both are made from a mix of natural ingredients too long to list here, but are notably free of potentially harmful parabens and have been chosen for their antibacterial, antifungal properties as much as their ability to prevent saddle sores.

Conclusion: Long lasting, these did a great job of keeping things calm in the pants department. Top value, too.

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