Happy Bottom Bum Butter – Chamois Cream Review

Happy Bottom Bum Butter Chamois Cream

What they say: A wonderful locally produced vegan chamois balm.

What we say: If we handed out gongs for branding, this one would win for its sheer cheek (no pun intended). What awaits you inside the recyclable container is a white, greasy wax. Made from vegetable glycerine and Egyptian geranium oil as well as tea tree oil, it has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that will, to quote the website, ‘stop you from growing diseases in your shorts!’.

And it’s the tea tree oil’s rich aroma that particularly hits you when you pop the lid off of a tub of this, with its incredible natural antiseptic-smelling zing. Available in a 100 g jar, you can also buy little 10 g pots of this stuff.

Perfect, then, if you want to sample the product first, as well as being ideal for popping into a jersey pocket should you need to apply it to any missed bits mid-ride.

Conclusion: Works well, washes out of your shorts easily, and smells great. We dig its eco credentials, too!

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