Jays M-Six Wireless – Headphones Review

Jays M-Six Wireless Headphones

What they say: M-Six Wireless is a pair of earphones designed and engineered to be the perfect earphones for any motion activity as well as for everyday life.

Fitting/use: These strap onto your head in a very old-school sports headphones way (well, without the annoying dangling wires!) via ear clips and then wedge themselves into your ear by use of a rubber bud. A remnant of wire still remains, however, in the form of an adjustable cord that you wear around the back of the head, which you can tighten to your skull as you see fit.

The whole thing makes for a remarkably comfortable, stable and lightweight set of headphones that won’t come loose no matter how much you wobble your bonce. Pairing with your smart device is a simple case of pressing a single switch on the right-hand headphone. All other operations are then done using your smart device’s controls.

Sound: Pretty good in terms of clarity and resonance, although perhaps a little tinny. Outside noise does noticeably leak in, too.

Battery life: A supplied USB cable allows you to top the battery up for five hours of playback on a single charge.

Other features: Comes supplied with a variety of different bud sizes for a more bespoke fit. They’ve got a hydrophobic nano­-coating, making them safe from sweat, dust and rain, while two onboard mics ensure you’ll make yourself heard during important calls, with one fine-tuned to capture your voice and another to reduce background noise.

Conclusion: Not the best in terms of sound, but the old-school ear hooks ensure these stay safely and securely in place.

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