Kask KOO Open – Glasses Review

Kask KOO Open – Glasses

Now, call us shallow but what we were immediately struck by with these stylish sunnies when they turned up for testing back in July, was their funky arms. Rather than folding away conventionally, they flip down and then up, to tuck in behind the lenses. This may seem gimmicky, but it also means that you can rotate the angle of the lenses away from your face on longer climbs to stop them fogging up.

And that’s the thing about these shades – while they’ll undoubtedly help you look cool (they’re available in 12 colors), they’re also a model of functionality, their wraparound style providing excellent coverage to protect your eyes. Unsurprising really, given they’re made by Lombardy-based helmet manufacturer Kask.

The nose piece, for example, is adjustable to allow a better grip and if your nose isn’t of the Roman variety – well, just use the supplied smaller grip instead. There are also two interchangeable lenses, (made by top Swiss firm Zeiss) including one tinted set to shield your eyes during a typical Italian summer’s day and a clear one to look after them on a typical British one!

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