Le Col by Wiggins – Aqua Zero Jersey Review

Le Col by Wiggins – Aqua Zero Jersey

Few in the world of professional cycling can match the sartorial elegance of Sir Bradley Wiggins. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that he ended up turning his eye to designing cycling clothing last year after having hung up his helmet in 2016. It’s a move that now sees him releasing his second Le Col By Wiggins collection in collaboration with his long-time pal, Le Col founder and former pro cyclist Yanto Barker.

Regular readers will know that when we interviewed Sir Brad for the launch of the By Wiggins range last year, he explained that the brand essentially divides into three categories. Firstly, there is the HC range, whose prime function is to keep you comfortable and warm if you are going to be on the road for long periods. Second is the Pro Range, which contains lighter garments that are professionally tailored for racing fit and performance.

Le Col say this is for riders who want to make every second in the saddle count. And finally, there is the Sport Range, in which the central focal points are comfort and practicality. The latest additions see three new long-sleeved so-called Aqua Zero jerseys being added to the collection, each of which makes use of innovative hydrophobic fabric, to strike the perfect balance between protection against the elements and breathability. And all, as you’d expect from clothing designed by a pair of former elite riders, made to a highly technical spec with an unflinching eye for detail.

We also can’t help noticing from the press shots that the new jerseys all look rather mod-ish with Sir Bradley’s influence in plain evidence. Indeed, the five-time Olympic champ enigmatically describes the new items as a ‘showcase of my style and heritage’. The jerseys are available in sizes that go all the way from XS to XXXL. Meaning that whatever your shape, if looking good on a bike means a lot to you, Le Col has something that’ll make you look even better.

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