Lezyne Laser Drive Rear 250 Light Review

Lezyne Laser Drive Rear 250

What They Say:

The Lezyne Laser Drive Rear 250 is a safety taillight that beams two safety laser strips to the ground.

What We Say:

One of two options we’ve included here that could be paired up with Lezyne’s Lite Drive. At 250 lumens, this one is impressively bright. Compact and durable it tethers to a round seatpost via a rubberised mounting pad and a sturdy rubberised strap, without risking of leaving any scratches.

Weighing in at 84g, it features an extended lens that allows for 180-degrees of visibility, and eight lighting modes including five flashing beams and two constant ones. It’s the laser mode that really catches the eye, though – available as a stand-alone function or one that works in conjunction with the other modes, it projects two beams of light down onto the road behind you for about a metre.

Looking almost like mini airport runways at night, these help following traffic not only to see you but better judge the distance to your back wheel. Used flat out, you’d get about 2.5 hours burn time out of this light, although use it more frugally and it won’t need topping up via its concealed USB charging port for nearly 18 hours.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Provides excellent visibility and the laser strip function gets a raucous round of applause from us. Simple but highly effective. Waterproof, too, so it’s great for this time of year!

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