Lusso WindTex Gloves Review

Lusso WindTex Gloves

British brand Lusso, as ever, has managed to produce an excellent product for a very low price. The WindTex gloves are made from the eponymous fabric in their entirety with a grippy gel pad sewn to the palm that extends to the underside of the thumb.

There’s a reflective ‘L’ logo on the backs. They are simple, sleek and stylish with no extra padding or liner. The cuff is good and high and relies on the stretchiness of the WindTex for a close fi t around the wrist, which works very well.

As for the rest of the fi t, we would have preferred slightly less material over the backs: when the wrist is bent — for example when gripping a shifter — it bags a little.

WindTex is windproof and water repellent and we had no complaints at all about the performance of the Lussos, even though they’re very lightweight, finding them able to cope with temperatures in the low single figures as long as you don’t dawdle and not too hot when it’s warmer. Lusso says their range is from 0-14°C and we wouldn’t argue with that.

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