Mavic Cosmic H20 Gloves Review

Mavic Cosmic H20 Gloves

What they say: Long-finger glove with 2.5mm of neoprene, dedicated for rain conditions, featuring a silicone palm

What we say: If it’s really wet, why not go with something from the Jacques Cousteau range?! Seriously though, these neoprene gloves work brilliantly in very cold and wet conditions. The 2.5mm neoprene gives insulation from the cold (plus vibrations, too!) in the same way wetsuits do, by holding moisture next to the skin where it warms.

The silicone dots on the palm, meanwhile, aid grip. The H20 comes in three sizes (XXS, S/M, and L/XL) and with a certain amount of give to it, fit is somewhat flexible.

Conclusion: If you’re OK with slightly clammy hands, then these Mavics will keep you super warm.

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