Mavic Vision Thermo Gloves Review

Mavic Vision Thermo Gloves

Mavic’s Vision range aims to increase visibility on dark rides. As well as Mavic’s trademark yellow flash, the Vision Thermo gloves have reflective bands on three of the four fingers and a reflective dart built into the back of the hand. The outers have an in-built waterproof membrane and are DWR treated to repel water.

There’s a separate liner that’s pretty thick and so gives a good amount of insulation. It does result in a bit of bulk between the fingers and makes using the controls a bit tricky — although this is true of the majority of winter gloves, not just Mavic’s.

There’s an extra-long cuff to the gloves, which can be tightened with a Velcro strap. There’s also some elastic gathering. The underside of the gloves, including the fingers, is made of a synthetic leather with padding across the top and the bottom of the palm for a bit of cushioning from the bars. There’s reinforcement in the high-wear area between the thumb and the index finger. We did find the palm material a bit slippery on the bars.

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