Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream Review

Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream

What they say: Luxury Chamois Cream formulated to deeply moisturize and protect the skin of endurance athletes in all conditions.

What we say: Not as tingly as Hammer down’s Iceblast cream, still the witch hazel and aloe vera used in this means you’ll still feel it when you apply it-in a thoroughly pleasant way. With a rich, creamy consistency that backs up its ‘luxury’ name claim, this is easily absorbed into the skin where it lasts well, moisturizing and protecting you from chafing.

Although it’s available in a 250 ml tub we tested it in its 10 ml sachet version and found each one contained more than enough cream to adequately cover what we needed it to on both our body and pad for one ride. The individual sachets are small enough to carry in a jersey pocket, and come as a box of five making them ideal to travel with, particularly if you want to take them through airport security in your hand luggage.

Conclusion: A tried-and-trusted chamois cream in a convenient package. We’re big fans!

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