Nightvision Thunderstorm Jacket Review

Nightvision Thunderstorm Jacket

You might think that Nightvision Thunderstorm is the name of a hot new heavy metal band, but by crikey, you’d be wrong! As befits such an outlandish name, it is in fact a distinctly cool new cycling jacket by Altura in which you’ll want to be seen.

And be seen you most definitely will be-it’s not called the Nightvision for nothing. It’s designed to make the cyclist as visible as possible in all weathers and degrees of darkness, so there are subtle reflective panels to be found on the upper torso, over the shoulders, on top of the arms and on the lower back. And there’s also reflective trim detailing in the areas most readily visible when in typical cycling positions.

There’s also a removable, helmet- friendly hood – and naturally, that’s reflective, too. Fit is comfortable and there are strategically-positioned zipped pockets with quick access to whatever you happen to be carrying around, with the two on the torso being large enough for things like maps or tourist guides to nestle snugly inside. Zip-fastening underarm vents and a vent (in reflective form, of course) on the upper back help with breathability. Oh, and it’s fully waterproof, too.

And if you pair this with Altura’s new Nightvision Thunderstorm over shoes and gloves, you’ll basically be completely visible from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes (well, apart from your legs and what we’ll euphemistically call ‘the midriff area’). Available in sizes S-XXXL, and in black, red, yellow and this on-trend teal color, we reckon it’s ideal for everything from commutes to touring. Plus it looks pretty ace off the bike, too.

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