Pactimo – Neck Gaiter Review

Pactimo - Neck Gaiter

What they say: Designed to cut the chill just enough before it hits your lungs, the Neck Gaiter has been engineered to conform to your riding position on those beautiful, brisk rides.

What we say: Made from Pactimo’s proprietary Transfer-C™ fabric this is almost silky to the touch, and this polyester- carbon mix garment also has one of the most technical designs here.

The tube of material is tailored in such a way that the back of it features a ’U’ shape that allows it to sit snugly at the base of your Occipital bone (ie back of your bonce) while another inverted ’U’ just below allows it to follow the contour around the back of your neck to your shoulders.

The result is a product with a good level of ergonomic fit- it doesn’t require too much negotiation, for example, to find a comfortable height for it to sit just above the ears while allowing it to be easily moved over the mouth and nose, as required, with one hand.

That said, we did find the fit a little on the tight side but then this is designed with performance riding in mind. Available in seven colors including yellow, red, green, orange, and black.

Verdict 9/10

Excels as a mask to breathe through, keeping cold air out of your lungs when putting in big efforts.

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