Rapha Rainproof Essentials Case – Smartphone Case Review

Rapha Rainproof Essentials Case – Smartphone Case

What they say: Keep your valuables safe in all weathers with this latest iteration of our ever- popular Essentials Case.

What we say: If you want your phone along for the ride, but don’t need to constantly monitor it, this is a stylish solution. Rapha’s Rainproof Essentials Case is basically a zipped pouch made from waterproof nylon that has polyester lining complete with internal divider and small zipped pocket that makes this ideal for carrying not just your phone but other don’t-leave-at-home items such as your credit card, cash and a cafe lock.

Available in two sizes regular and-for those with a plus-sized smartphone – large. It’s also available in seven colors in medium, including dark green, bright orange, black, navy, grey, teal and yellow, as well as five colors in the larger version which is priced the same. Weight is 50g and 55g respectively.

Conclusion: Durable and good looking, its ability to keep whatever you stow inside it try is excellent thanks in part to the quality of the waterproof zip.

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