Santa Cruz Nomad and Juliana Strega CC X01 Trail Bike Review

Santa Cruz Nomad and Juliana Strega CC X01 Bike

Despite the different names, the Strega and Nomad are basically the same kickass bike (the biggest difference between the two is shock tune). The men’s and women’s models share the same frame and come in multiple build options. Santa Cruz, which also owns the Juliana brand, dropped the shock as low as possible in the frame to keep weight centered, while leaving enough room for a water bottle. The bike has a decidedly DH-lite attitude and is happiest blasting straightaways.

But it’s nimble enough (especially at speed) to carve around berms and skirt over and around rock gardens. Launching jumps and drops on this bike is daydream stoking—it has great pop, and the supportive suspension provides a reliable, forgiving landing.

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