Santini Jess Gloves Review

Santini Jess Gloves

The Santini Jess gloves are not so bulky that they impede hand feel, but there’s enough padding that your fingers stay comfortable on colder rides. This is partly down to a very effective windproof outer fabric. There’s enough padding to retain hand warmth too.

This covers the whole of the gloves, including the fingers and palms, not just the backs. The palms themselves are made of an anti-slip fabric. You don’t get any specific padding for pressure points, but we found the Jess gloves adequately comfortable on all but the bumpiest surfaces.

The cuffs are quite short, but have a tight layer of stretchy fleece fabric around the wrist and this kept the cold out well enough. In practice, there’s enough length to cover the wrist gap to most winter jackets: we didn’t have any cold spots when riding and in warmer conditions they also didn’t soak up sweat.

So the Santinis are likely to provide everything you need for winter rides in UK temperatures without too much bulk, although it would be nice to have a little more padding under the usual pressure points in the palms.

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