Santini Origine Winter Medium Profile Primaloft Sock – Winter Socks Review

Santini Origine Winter Medium Profile Primaloft Sock

What they say: Soft and extremely warm with Quick Draw moisture management system that pulls away sweat and excess moisture from skin, keeping your feet warm and dry.

What we say: Among the shorter and thinner of the socks featured, these almost feel like summer socks, and as a result are some of the most comfortable here, sliding on with ease and clinging to your foot like a second skin.

Their lightweight, however, is deceptive as the same Primaloft fabric found in the more expensive socks on test is also in use here, which along with the other fibers used in the yarn’s mix-most notably wool – ensure that these do a superb job of retaining heat around your feet when temperatures start to head south.

Construction is fairly simple, although elasticated hem grippers ensure your socks won’t slip down while a further elasticated band around the center of the foot provides added support to your arches.

Available in sizes XS-S to XXL.

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