Shimano S-Phyre Gloves Review

Shimano S-Phyre Gloves

Shimano says it has studied for decades how the hand-to-glove-to-shifter interface should function and has designed a more seamless 3D pre-curved glove for a conforming fit. Largely the Shimano S-Phyre winter gloves do just that and follow the hand and wrist with a nice cuff length and fi t around the hood and handlebars with little fuss. Something that winter gloves struggle with is feeling bulky and usually have a lack of dexterity, but the Shimano gloves feel slim and give good bar and lever feel.

The only downside in terms of fit is that the fingers were a little too long for our tester and bunched at the end, making it fiddly for operating phones (they have thumb and index finger touchscreen-friendly patches) and computers.

These gloves without using the supplied inner layer glove worked well down to 2°C, where we started to feel the chill but didn’t get any pain, unlike in our toes at the time. They also deflect a small amount of water spray but are not waterproof. A nice glove all round.

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