Skullcandy Method Wireless Sports Earbud – Bluetooth Headphones Review

Skullcandy Method Wireless Sports Earbud Bluetooth Headphones

What they say: Our most popular sport earbud is built to handle the stresses of your active life and your everyday routine.

Fitting/use: Using a flexible, rubberized collar band that sits around the back of your neck and over the top of the shoulders, these sit in your ear canal and stay respectably in place via a pair of squishy rubber earbuds. Operating them is simplicity itself, the middle of the three buttons on the left-hand arm of the collar band simply allow you to switch the headphones on and pair with your device.

The plus button to its right allows you to increase volume and skip tracks, while the minus button to its left allows you to skip back and decrease volume. The central on/off button also allows you to link the headphones for use with Siri or voice command for Android devices, as well as answer calls.

Sound: Sound quality is surprisingly impressive for headphones at this price point with the full register ringing through evenly. They do let ambient sound in a little more than others here, but obviously, that is an advantage if you want to take these outdoors.

Battery life: A single charge via the supplied USB cable offers a claimed nine hours, but that would seem to be with the volume at full whack. Turn them down a little and you’ll see that impressive battery life extended.

Other features: Sweat resistant, they’re also available in navy/blue, black/grey, black/red or this mint/black colorway. Sound!

Conclusion: A great budget option that can be worn outside on trails and car-free roads.

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