Specialized Deflect Reflect H20 Jacket Review

Specialized Deflect Reflect H20 Jacket

What they say: By fusing micro-fleece dots on to the waterproof, breathable membrane, we raise the membrane off your skin, making it more comfortable and 2.75 layer.

What we say: The whole numbered layer thing is a little confusing, but Specialized’s reasoning adds up. With this 2.75 garment, for example, the inside is covered with small dots of material that essentially act like three-quarters of a fabric layer to lift the garment off the skin.

This prevents any clamminess while still allowing the waterproof, breathable fabric to work. Externally covered with tiny beads making it highly reflective, this is available in black or neon yellow, and in sizes S-XXL.

Conclusion: Excellent rainwear innovation that’ll just about pack down to fit in a pocket.

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