Specialized Venge ViAS Pro Disc Bike Review

Specialized Venge ViAS Pro Disc Bike

I’ve been a fan of the Venge ViAS since I first tested an early version of the original in 2016. That bike was ridiculously fast—speed attained with the aid of radical tube shapes, deep aero wheels, an integrated bar and stem combo, and wild looking rim brakes hidden behind the fork and seat tube.

What really got me, though, was the surprisingly comfortable ride on rough roads. But for all that technology (and because of it), the original Venge had flaws: It was tricky to get a good fit, and the brakes felt weak.

The newer Venge ViAS Pro Disc addresses those problems while delivering the aerodynamic benefits of the original. It still has a radical aero bar, but it’s now connected to a traditional stem that makes it easier to achieve your proper position. And the addition of disc brakes means you can now stop where you want to.

Plus you still get all the speed, comfort, and cool tech of the original, with the real improvements in braking and fit. And lower-priced models like this one mean that this exceptional aero bike is not just more desirable than the original, it’s more attainable, too.

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