Sportful Fiand Recabrio Review

Sportful Fiand Recabrio

What they say: Suitable for extreme winter conditions with rain and even snow, but versatile and adaptable thanks to the removable cover.

What we say: When it comes to winter innovation it’s hard to beat the consistency that comes from the designers at Sportful, and this latest Cabrio pushes the boundaries again.

Windstopper 4-Way Warm fabric on the front, 4-Way Mid on the sleeves and a zip-out panel on the back, treated with NoRain underneath (to make rain bead and run off) plus if you get too warm, remove the rear panel for better cooling yet still stay dry. Cabrio comes in four colors and seven sizes. A classic!

Conclusion: Brilliant adaptability that you’ll actually use – we love the Cabrio concept!

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