Stolen Goat Orkaan Blue Haze Arm Warmers Review

Stolen Goat Orkaan Blue Haze Arm Warmers

What they say: Brand new for AW18 these are the perfect accompaniment to our Orkaan Jerseys, Constructed from the same fabric, water beads right off with ease. Lined with a ‘soft on the skin’ Roubaix inner which helps regulate your temperature and keep the wind at bay.

What we say: The latest addition to Stolen Goat’s impressive range. Held in place by silicone studs rather than a strip for added comfort, these have a soft fleece lining, an aero, wind-resistant water-resistant shell complete with UV protection, all in a lightweight package that’s as easy and comfortable to wear as it is to carry. We also think they look pretty darn handsome as well. Available in sizes XS-XL. Checkout Stolen Goat’s website for a host of other color ways.

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