Topeak Aerocombo USB Light Review

Topeak Aerocombo USB

What They Say:

Light up your ride like a thunderbolt! Brand new lighting design by COB LED provides ultimate [front light], brightness output to 110 Lumens. The super bright, slim, aerodynamic tail light fits aero/round seatposts, seatstays or Topeak bags perfectly.

What We Say:

As the name suggests, these have been designed for those with an aero bike. Eschewing bracket mounts – which can interrupt the aerodynamic design of your bike as well as its sleek good looks- these come with a variety of easy-fit rubber-band attachments to fix to your seatpost, handlebars or fork, even if they have a non-round aerodynamic profile.

With their drag-minimising design and light weight (just 42g per light) they’re an attractive option for performance- minded riders. Once fitted these front and rear lights belt out a decent 110 lumens and 55 lumens respectively – enough for almost any urban cycling situations, allowing you to be adequately seen by other road users.

A COB LED strip in both lights also helps that light source to be pretty much vertical (as opposed to pointing down) once the device is fitted to tapered forks or seatpost.

They have four settings-high beam, low beam, blinking and pulse-which provide burn times of 2 hours, 4 hours,15 hours and 50 hours respectively.

They also come with a low-battery indicator to let you know when you need to use the integrated USB port to top them up.

Verdict: 8/10

Great for riding busy streets after dark. Side windows provide excellent visibility at junctions.

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