Topeak Smartphone Dry Bag 5” – Smartphone Case Review

Topeak Smartphone Dry Bag 5” – Smartphone Case

What they say: A great way to keep your smartphone handy for communication or to use as a GPS during longer rides.

What we say: Now here’s a thing. The plastic material used in this case has been sonically fused to increase its waterproof properties. This means its basically been bombarded with sound waves that heat the plastic up by causing the molecules its made of to speed up, so that when they cool down again most – if not all – of the gaps in the material have been sealed.

The lengths people go to, eh? The window remains touch sensitive, however, meaning you can interact with your smartphone’s screen on the move while this is clinging to your bars courtesy of the robust and reliable QuickClick mounting system that allows you to fix it to or remove it from your bike in a matter of seconds. Will fit most phones with a screen size of up to 5 inches, and weighs in at 50g.

Conclusion: A very good product, has superb waterproofing qualities, and – thanks to a foam padded interior – added protection, too.

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