Tacx Indoor Training Software 2018

Tacx Indoor Training Software 2018

Tacx turn the fun and functionality levels up on its turbo-training software just in time for 2018!

Tacx has come a long way since it started manufacturing indoor rollers to sell in its Amsterdam-based bike shop back in 1972.

Best known these days for its turbo trainers, the Dutch firm has been dabbling with high-tech training for a while and has just released an update to its Tacx Training software and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Although only available to try in open Beta mode, it certainly looks like the real deal, offering a slew of new features, a user-friendly design, and a better subscription model.

The update allows you to create your own structured training workout using the desktop app or the Tacx Cloud website.

Alternatively, you can pick one of the preset training plans developed in conjunction with top coaches for your specific goal, ability level or the time span you want to ride for.

You can also choose a specific training route, or upload a GPS file to create your own, and access your workout via your tablet, smartphone or computer. Then, as you ride, you can follow your progress on a set-up that’s a bit like Google Maps, allowing you to toggle between a satellite view and a more traditional bit of cartography.

The function we’re most excited about, though, is the change to Tacx Films which allows you to see famous routes roll out on the screen in front of you as you turn your pedals. Initially, Tacx was trying to charge users a different fee for each film downloaded but it’s now introduced a new payment model which allows subscribers unlimited access to its archive.

Currently, there are five free films but Tacx is promising access to around 40 high-quality videos with more likely to be added over time. At the time of writing, these videos were only available for Windows PC but a MacOS version is in the pipeline and due for delivery sometime before spring.

Fees also aren’t finalised just yet but the smart money says a sub shouldn’t set you back more than about eight quid a month.

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